Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frankfurt Book Fair or e-book Fair?

I am looking forward to my trip tomorrow to the Frankfurt Book Fair. Finally "digitisation" is a key subject at the Fair with presence of TOC, for digital publishing, e-reader vendors, e-book publishers and e-book side events. During the day I will have a couple of meetings with companies leading the waves of digital innovations in the book domain.

At the end of the day I will participate in a pecha-kucha event (new experience for me): Buch die Zukunft! (Book the future, impact of the digital revolution on the book industry, Friday 16 Oktober, 17.00 - 18.00 in the tent in front of Hall 4). Yes indeed in german so that is going to be a bit of a challenge for me. I will present the changes in the book industrie from a consumer angle. My key point in order to survive is that people/companies should first of all focus on the future "Lesererfahrung" (Reader experience) rather then to be only concerned about their current business interests and how to translate their paper books into e-books.
So go to Frankfurt to join the pech-kucha tomorrow and else I will update you with the presentation (mostly images since it is a pecha kucha) and text of the story on my blog.
Auf Wiedersehen! 

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  1. I really wonder it all goes as fast as you're predicting. I'll follow with keen interest, being almost a dinosaur in adepting myself. Luckily I am on the consumerside! good luck in Frankfurt